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New Feature Update

We’ve been busy creating exciting new features to simplify Innovation Program management & delivery 🙂 Hi there! Accelerator Software is the All-in-One Accelerator Management Platform used by thousands of teams around the world. The platform is easy to use and centralises all of your program management needs in one powerful location. Check out some of our latest

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Goal Setting Tips For Accelerator Programs

                   Goal Setting For Accelerator Programs Goal setting is one of the most powerful tools that Accelerator programs can use to help Startups grow. We’ve recorded a 3 minute video to give you some top tips on the importance of goal setting and how it can hep

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Running Virtual Startup Programs

Running Virtual Startup Programs Interview with Jeanette Cheah, CEO of The Hacker exchange Today we’re exploring how Covid-19 is having an impact on how Startup programs are delivered.  Travel restrictions, remote working and an increased willingness to use digital tools, mean many Accelerator teams are moving to virtual or blended program model. So what does

Accelerator Program DNA & The Impact of Culture

Accelerator Program DNA & The Impact of Culture In this episode we’re speaking with Lalitha Wemel, innovation leader and Techstars Director for the APAC region. Join us as we learn: What great Accelerator programs are really made of The impact of culture on program outcomes Why now is APAC’s time to shine Why mental health

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Reimagining University Innovation

Reimagining University Innovation In this episode we’re exploring how Universities must reimagine innovation in order to survive and thrive, in a Covid-19 world. Today, we are very lucky to be joined by Matt Salier who is the director of RMIT Activator, RMIT University’s home of entrepreneurship. Matt has a wealth of experience in the university

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Startup Ecosystem Recovery & The Role of Government

Startup Ecosystem Recovery & The Role of Government In today’s episode we speak with Mark Gustowski CEO of CEA about the role of government in preparing the Startup ecosystem for recovery in a post Covid-19 world. We also dig into: The changing nature of innovation programs The importance of mental health amongst delivery teams.  

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How Covid-19 is changing Accelerator programs

Leaders of Innovation: Interview with Alan Jones Leaders of Innovation is a series of interviews exploring the topics & trends impacting teams responsible for delivering Accelerator Programs & Innovation.  In this episode we speak with the innovation leader Alan Jones about how Covid-19 is changing both Accelerator programs and the innovation landscape.  Alan is renowned Startup

How to deliver an online accelerator program
How to deliver your Accelerator program online during Covid-19

Increasing travel restrictions due to Covid-19 mean that now is a good time to consider how innovation programs might be delivered online.  At we work with programs from around the world, providing the vehicle they need to move online. We’ve put together a few points below to consider when you’re thinking of moving your

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2020 Startup Accelerator Trends

As we step into 2020 the innovation revolution shows no signs of slowing. Economies are evolving, corporates are adapting and innovation programs are at the pointy-end of the stick. So what 4 trends do we anticipate seeing for Accelerator and innovation programs in 2020? 1: More Specialist v’s Generalist Accelerator Programs Generalist Accelerator programs play